When Worlds Collide

536 N Ridgewood Dr | Sebring, FL 33870

After a quick stint in central Florida, Cass was commissioned to design a mural that represented both the lake and sealife of Florida. “When Worlds Collide” demonstrates the beauty and power of each of these creatures as they collide together in this unique design.

Sea turtles have been one of Cass’ most requested pieces. Having been up close to a natural sea turtle while snorkeling in the Keys, Cass pulls from her experience and is inspired to paint these magical creatures whenever asked.

Image of a painted sea turtle close up
image of the painted alligator by Cass Wyant
image of Cass Wyant painting an exterior wall

The Final Product

Image of a mural with a sea turtle and alligator coming towards one another
image of the white building before painting a mural on it
image of the side of a white building being painted blue
image of Cass Wyant painting the green portion of her wall for the alligator mural