Frequently Asked Questions

Murals can take anywhere from a few days, weeks, and even months, depending on the location, intricacy of the design, and weather conditions. If you live in a climate where it rains all the time or is blistering hot, the window of time in which to paint can vary.

Rules vary from city to city, but interior murals DO NOT need approval from the city anywhere. When it comes to exterior murals, Cass will create a render of the proposed artwork to be approved if approval is required.

YES! There is a product made by Mural Shield that can be added if you live in an area where the mural could be vulnerable to graffiti. This is an optional add-on for a very low cost to ensure that your mural is protected. Learn more about this product at:

Yes! Sometimes, you may want a large custom piece of art for an interior space but don’t know if you want it permanently on the wall. You may want to take it with you if you move locations, or perhaps you may want the option to sell your investment someday, etc. Cass LOVES working large scale and can create a custom piece on wood or canvas so that you are free to do with the product what you wish. Many people even consider putting multiple panels or canvases together to make one giant piece of artwork, the possibilities are endless!

Although you may own the space in which the art was done, you may not copy and redistribute the artwork as a stand-alone product. You may use the artwork in your marketing and advertising and through social media channels to promote your business or products.

Example: You love the artwork and want to mass produce it and sell it for a profit. Reproducing Cass Wyant’s Art without permission may result in fines as well as legal action. If you are unsure about the end use, please contact Cass, and she would be happy to discuss the copyright of your mural.

Cass has a special spot for companies trying to make the world a better place. If cost is an issue, Cass can sit down and discuss possible options to have some custom work done, especially if the work will aid in the non-profit’s mission.

Cass is accepting commissioned art pieces at this time. There is a small waiting list as Cass is currently finishing up a few projects. Inquire within to get on the waiting list.