Avow Lyon Center History Timeline Wall

1223 Whippoorwill Lane | Naples, FL 34105

One of Cass’ favorite mediums lies in her love for graphic design. Cass has experience working alongside architects and interior designers to create environments that inspire and uplift its viewers. Cass was asked to design a history timeline wall for Avow’s Lyon Palliative Care Center in Naples, FL. The walls were completely blank before this job. Cass designed and created the materials used in the design as well as the graphic design in the actual panels.

(Sample elevation drawing, color changed later in the process)

Interpretive walls showcase the history, timeline, milestones, and special recognition within a company’s culture. These designs invite the viewer in, through form, function, and pleasing aesthetics. As a senior designer, Cass is able to create an elevation drawing to scale and design the elements surrounding the structure, as well as create the graphics on the panels.



The Final Product

View the finished product by watching the video above.