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JW Marriott Botanical Mural

JW Marriott – Quinn’s Restaurant Mural

400 S Collier Blvd, Marco Island, FL 34145

With the devastation of hurricane Ian in 2022, extensive damage was done to Quinn’s restaurant inside the beautiful JW Marriott on Marco Island. While renovations take place to restore the restaurant, the JW Marriott still wanted their customers to enjoy the beachside view outside. A botanical theme of color was to serve as a beautiful backdrop until the restaurant is fully open for inside dining. They contracted Cass to create a temporary mural in the interim.

Cass created an elevation drawing, along with a 3D render to show the client exactly the location, size, design, and positioning of the artwork. Once the concept was approved, Cass began drawing out the design on the wall.

Temporary tan wood panels covered the outside of Quinn’s restaurant and were yearning for some pops of color. Below are the before and after photos of this artistic transformation.

BEFORE (Poolside)

BEFORE (Poolside)

AFTER (Poolside)

BEFORE (Beachside)

BEFORE (Beachside)

AFTER (Beachside)

JW Marriott Botanical Mural2023-03-19T18:24:45+00:00

Arizona Mural

Arizona Residential Mural

After driving through the beautiful southwestern states, Cass arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona, to paint a residential mural in her client’s new condo. The wall was screaming for color, and Cass couldn’t help but be excited to brighten the room up and breathe life into the space.

The Final Product

Arizona Mural2022-10-22T01:50:11+00:00

Avow History Timeline Wall

Avow Lyon Center History Timeline Wall

1223 Whippoorwill Lane | Naples, FL 34105

One of Cass’ favorite mediums lies in her love for graphic design. Cass has experience working alongside architects and interior designers to create environments that inspire and uplift its viewers. Cass was asked to design a history timeline wall for Avow’s Lyon Palliative Care Center in Naples, FL. The walls were completely blank before this job. Cass designed and created the materials used in the design as well as the graphic design in the actual panels.

(Sample elevation drawing, color changed later in the process)

Interpretive walls showcase the history, timeline, milestones, and special recognition within a company’s culture. These designs invite the viewer in, through form, function, and pleasing aesthetics. As a senior designer, Cass is able to create an elevation drawing to scale and design the elements surrounding the structure, as well as create the graphics on the panels.



The Final Product

View the finished product by watching the video above.

Avow History Timeline Wall2022-12-20T17:36:48+00:00

CTP Mural

WE GRIND DIFFERENT Training Facility

9211 Cockleshell Court, Suite 12 | Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Anthony Tumbarello is a sports performance coach and personal trainer located in South West Florida. Since 2011 he has had the privilege to work with some of the top athletes in the NFL, MLB, NCAA, along with over 300 Adult Performance Clients. Now he has opened a new training location in Bonita Springs, Florida. Anthony commissioned Cass Wyant to design a mural of his infamous motto, “We Grind Different.” A big congrats to Anthony for all the success his hard work has brought him.

The process started out with Cass visiting the training facility and taking survey photos and measurements. Then using her graphic design skills, Cass created an elevation drawing to show the client exactly the size, design, and positioning of the proposed concept. Once the concept was approved, Cass began the laying out of the lettering on the actual wall.

The Final Product

View the video to see a time-lapse of the painting process.

CTP has continued to expand its services as the brand goes. In 2022 Anthony again contacted Cass to paint more lettering on their newest addition MYO Reset.

CTP Mural2022-08-29T19:40:33+00:00

Butterfly Mural Florida Master Gardens

UF/IFAS Extension Collier County Master Gardens Butterfly Mural

14700 Immokalee Rd | Naples, FL 34120

Just like the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, this shed transformed into a beautiful masterpiece! Cass donated her time to this special project for the University of Florida, Master Gardens in gorgeous Naples, FL.

UF IFAS Extension University of Florida Master Gardener Logo
icon of mural renders before art begins

Cass created an elevation drawing digitally to show the client the proposed idea to be approved. Her elevations use actual dimensions to show the size and scale next to a 6ft man. Cass started the painting process once the design was approved.

The Final Product

“An ordinary garden shed became a one-of-a-kind canvas. A four-sided masterpiece of butterflies in their habitat. thanks, Cass Wyant. Thank you for making nature come to life in the background within our butterfly garden.” – Tom Becker, Florida-Friendly Landscaping Education/Training Specialist at University of Florida/IFAS/Charlotte County Extension Service

To see this work of art, visit the demonstration and display gardens at UF/IFAS/Collier County Extension Service, weekdays, Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. FREE.

Butterfly Mural Florida Master Gardens2022-08-24T22:52:14+00:00

Show Me Strength Mural


14700 Tamiami Trail N. | Naples, FL

Chad Rodgers is a professional strength and performance coach operating out of beautiful South West Florida. After nearly ten years of training, Chad decided it was time to take his company to the next level. That’s when he decided to create “Show Me Strength” performance center.

“I have been extremely fortunate over the course of my coaching career to work with people who truly want to see me grow and expand. The timing and partnerships ended up being perfect for diving in and making it happen.”

After opening in 2021, he wanted to elevate his brand by scripting “SHOW ME STRENGTH” on his new gym wall to motivate and inspire his current and future clients. So Chad contacted Cass Wyant Art to bring this statement to life.

Show Me Strength Gym has had thousands of visits and have recently added a physical therapy office inside the gym (Dynamic Physio Therapy).

Cass visited the gym taking photos and measurements of the space prior to implementation. A conceptual elevation drawing was done to determine the exact size and position of the proposed imagery. After approval, Cass began working her magic.

The Final Product

Show Me Strength Painted Lettering Mural

View the video to see a time-lapse of the painting process.

Show Me Strength Mural2022-08-25T01:40:13+00:00

Dove of Peace Mural


212 Church Rd | Plum City, WI 54761

St. John the Baptist Church decided they wanted to add a centerpiece to the freshly painted interior by Church Painting Pros.  A big thanks to them for involving me in this job.

This mural was the biggest art challenge Cass has taken on yet. The ceiling’s pitch, angle, and the curve made it extremely difficult to paint an image proportionally. There was a lot of reaching and neck bent looking up, tilting back with this project. Needless to say, Cass has an even greater admiration for the Sistine Chapel.
image of the inside of a repainted Baptist Church in Plum City, Wisconsin
image of the inside of a the Baptist Church in Plum City, Wisconsin
“Most people ask me what the most difficult thing about painting large scale or painting a mural is. My response is that when you paint on a canvas or something on ground level, it is easy to step back frequently and look at your progress. When you start working large, are up high, and so close to the wall, you cannot see how something is truly looking from below. Often you can’t add that much detail because you would never see it from so far below, and you may have to higher your contrast more than normal so the eye can differentiate parts of the picture from that level. A lot of times with this particular project, I felt blind painting it – not knowing how it looked from below until I could gather the courage to get back down. And let me tell you, I was not going to climb up and down that scaffolding any more than I had to.
There is a bit of an illusion when painting in this type of setting because the walls slant in. When you try and paint horizontal clouds, you have to paint them slightly tilted up so that they look correct from straight on.
This piece took about 4 days but could have been done in much less if not for the level of difficulty in location and in moving on the scaffolding. Though secure, the scaffolding naturally sways when you walk, so I had to not make sudden movements. Being short also presented its challenges, and I had to stand on a 2-foot bench on top of the scaffolding to reach the very top of the Dove’s head. I couldn’t reach it for detailed face work until we moved the scaffolding to another tier up.
The point of this story? We all have things outside our comfort zone. But with perseverance, faith, and encouragement from the ones you love, anything is possible. It is only in times of uncomfortability, stress, or adversity that we truly grow as people.”

The Final Product

image of the Dove of Peace mural in St. John the Baptist Church
image of Cass painting up high in St. John the Baptist Church on scaffolding
image of the exterior of St. John the Baptist Church
image of the progress of the mural being painted in St. John the Baptist Church

Dove of Peace Mural2022-08-29T19:42:10+00:00

Worlds Collide Mural

When Worlds Collide

536 N Ridgewood Dr | Sebring, FL 33870

After a quick stint in central Florida, Cass was commissioned to design a mural that represented both the lake and sealife of Florida. “When Worlds Collide” demonstrates the beauty and power of each of these creatures as they collide together in this unique design.

Sea turtles have been one of Cass’ most requested pieces. Having been up close to a natural sea turtle while snorkeling in the Keys, Cass pulls from her experience and is inspired to paint these magical creatures whenever asked.

Image of a painted sea turtle close up
image of the painted alligator by Cass Wyant
image of Cass Wyant painting an exterior wall

The Final Product

Image of a mural with a sea turtle and alligator coming towards one another
image of the white building before painting a mural on it
image of the side of a white building being painted blue
image of Cass Wyant painting the green portion of her wall for the alligator mural

Worlds Collide Mural2022-08-25T03:01:18+00:00

American Legion Post 222

American Legion Post 222 Freedom Mural

 4250 NE 5th Ave | Oakland Park, FL 33334

This was Cass Wyant’s first large exterior mural. The legion contacted Cass to see if she would be interested in designing something for them that represented their members. This mural was unique in that it started many 3-4 feet off the ground. Working in the Florida heat provided its challenges. Cass had to start early in the morning up until about noon, where she took a break until it started to cool off in the evening. Cass was honored to give back her time to all the military personnel to thank them for their service.

The Final Product

Artist Cass Wyant putting her arm around a male veteran in front of her mural work

If you are an American Legion or VFW, contact Cass for a possible mural donation or public fundraiser.

American Legion Post 2222022-08-25T05:32:24+00:00


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