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Cass Wyant ART

A Traveling Mixed-Media
Artist at Your Service

Welcome to Cass Wyant Art!

Cass is a mixed media artist and graphic designer who enjoys exploring a variety of subjects and applications. She enjoys working on large-scale mural work where she can pursue both her digital and fine art passions by providing digital concepts for clientel. Cass specializes in the following services:

Painted monarch butterfly on flowers on a green leafs painted shed

Cass Wyant specializes in large-scale artwork. Having done interior and exterior mural work, Cass enjoys creating murals for public viewing.

CTP mural "We Grind Different"

Hand-painted lettering murals are in high demand thanks to social media. Create a wall with your brand as a company backdrop, and let the art do the advertising for you!

Painted sea turtle on wood, hanging outside above a white couch
Custom Artwork

Need custom artwork for your home or office? Cass can create a unique piece of work for any space. Custom sizes and quantities are available.

How it Works

Send Cass a message with your desired dimensions/project details. Cass will reach out with any questions you may have or even do a site walk if that is preferred. Her skills as a graphic designer have enhanced the artist-client relationship by allowing her to provide a digital render of the proposed artwork before any physical work begins. Once the concept is approved by you, Cass will discuss the timeline for the work to be completed.

Below is an example of a render done digitally and the final hand-painted product.

Large monarch butterfly with smaller butterflies on the side of a painted green leaf shed
Florida University Extension Office Master Gardens

Recent Projects

Explore Cass’ most recent mural projects. If you have a project that you’re curious about involving Cass in, don’t hesitate to contact her!

Why Choose Cass?

Cass Wyant enjoys large-scale art projects along with her traditional fine art services.
Her skills as a graphic designer have only enhanced the artist-client relationship by allowing her to provide a digital render of the proposed artwork before any work begins.

Mural Locations

Cass is willing to travel anywhere to bring a vision to life. Below are some of the states she has done interior/exterior mural work. Help her add another state to the list!

States Cass has created
mural work in

  • Arizona

  • Colorado

  • Florida

  • Iowa

  • Michigan

  • Minnesota

  • Wisconsin

image of the United States Cass Wyant has done murals in


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